Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Daily 5

I have been reading and researching the daily 5 like crazy!  I finally introduced the whole chart to the class on Friday.  We have been reviewing what each center should look like for the past couple weeks because I didn't want to throw it at them all at once.  It seemed to work well!  The normal "wild animals" in the classroom was more of an organized zoo this time, which is a fantastic improvement! ;) 
I let the kiddies choose which center they wanted because we only have time for one round, and it was a Friday.  Starting on Monday I am going to try having them keep a log of which center they go to so they can rotate to all of them without me having to monitor it as much. 

Here is the link to the FREE daily 5 posters I used.  They are adorable!  Daily 5 Classroom Pack

Thanks for reading!

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