Sunday, February 23, 2014


The new year is flying by!  It's already the end of February!? I have been up to so much... I am officially a graduate student in school psychology, I started uploading recipes to my food blog again, and I made a new TPT product!! Life has been busy, but wonderful.  I have school once a weeknight and one full weekend a month- not too bad.  I am already in LOVE with my classes.  Two more years of teaching and I will be ready to move on to my first school psych job! {eeeeek!}

I haven't been blogging, but I have been working on a few TPT ideas I started last year.  I finally finished my Common Core NBT Unit for first grade.  I am hoping to make a unit like this for each math standard.  Here are a few sample pages.  Click any of the pictures to take you to the download. :)

Leave a comment {including your email address} for a FREE copy of this unit! :) 

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Happy Sunday!


  1. This unit looks great. It's my first year teaching too. Love finding great new blogs to follow!

    1. So glad you found my blog! :) Just sent you an email!