Friday, June 13, 2014

I'm moving blogs!

I am ready to share my new {and fingers crossed- the final} blog that I will be using.  In two years- that I know are gonna fly by- I will finally be a school psychologist!  I wanted to keep my blog, but also wanted to bring in some psychology to it.  So I came up with The Therapeutic Teacher.  I will be posting resources made by myself and research on therapy in elementary classrooms.  I've learned so much about different therapies and I've realized how effective some can be in a psychotherapy setting; I am wondering why there isn't more awareness of how to effectively use it in classrooms.  I believe teachers should be aware of the simple, therapeutic steps they can take to make their classroom a more calm, productive environment so more learning can occur.

You can follow my new blog here- just click the picture! :)

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